UberArc 1600 Architectural Series

UberArc 1600 Architectural Series
UberArc 1600 Architectural Series Detail

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UberArc 1600 Architectural Series Description

The UberArc 1600 Architectural Series kit is designed for students, architects, engineers, and anyone else who just loves to build! Using Authentic blueprints, young builders create foundations and make representations of actual skyscrapers or they can design their own buildings! Kids will apply for a building permit online that will show them the seismic and wind loads for their proposed skyscaper. They can even pinpoint the location on a map with the name of their skyscraper display…

For Builders of All AgesReach the heights of imagination and construct skyscrapers from actual blueprints and building materials. Follow all the steps architects take to create a construction masterpiece, choosing from provided blueprints or creating a design of your own. First, apply online for a building permit which provides the wind loads and seismic loads for your proposed design in addition to offering a site location and name for their project. A guide with basic building techniqu…

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UberArc 1600 Architectural Series

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